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What Is A Marketing Funnel...
And Why Do You Need One?

From: Chris Wright
Guildford, Surrey, UK

Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Marketing Funnels Group! 

If this is your first time here, then you are probably wondering,

"What is a marketing funnel?" and "Why do I need one?"
Let me show you why entrepreneurs
Just like you
Are working with us
I get it, business owners are fed up with the old school marketing tactics that are just not working anymore. But before we dive into all that, let me tell you a quick story to help you understand what a marketing funnel is, and more importantly, why YOU need one.
How much does it cost you to acquire a customer?

Imagine you are on Dragon's Den and one of the dragons has just asked you this question.

Would you be able to answer it?

Why do they want to know the answer to that question?

Once you have got through that question, the next will often be...

And the average customer value is....?

Again, would you know the answer to that question?

Here's why they need that information....

If you know that the average customer spends £100 when they visit your store, the product costs you £50, then you can spend up to £49 to get them in and still be profitable.

If your average customer is worth £100, same product that costs you £50, but it costs you £70 to get them through the door, it doesn't matter how many new customers you get, that's a business in trouble.

With me so far? Great!

So the question now is.... What do you need to do to get those customers walking through the door? Or buying from your website?

That's where the funnel comes in....
The funnel is the journey someone goes from having never heard about you; to becoming a raving fan and buying everything you put out!
Every business has some kind of funnel... but chances are, if they don't know they have a funnel, it's probably not a very good one.

Most businesses these days have a website... Now the thing is... A website is PART of a funnel. It's not the whole funnel. But people think of it as the full funnel. They pay £4k to a web guy and expect leads to start pouring in. Sometimes the web guy even makes promises of such a thing happening. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. It is not a case of build it and they will come I am afraid. 

But why? Because you have only put together part of the puzzle. It won't work on its own.

People need to be made aware of your existence, then driven to your site or store, and then when on the site they need to buy your product(s), then, ideally, they need to keep coming back for more :-).

But this doesn't happen by accident.

You can map out this journey and guide people through it. 

And when that's the case you can go.... "I need more customers"... So you input money at one end and print customers and more money out the other end.

Sound cool? It should! I freaking love this stuff :-)
are you tired of Trying To Do Everything
Just to try and grow your business..?
Build A Team
You are the owner of the business and right now you may feel like you are also...
  • The engineer - the person who makes the product or delivers the service
  •  The marketing team
  •  The sales team
  •  The customer service team
  •  The HR team
  •  The finance director
  • The cleaner
  • and well... any others you can think of?
Feel like you are wearing too many hats?
And perhaps all you really want to do is deliver an amazing product or service. That's what you want to do, day in day out. not all that other crap.

I get it, I was there too. You may even feel like you are the go to expert, or the best store in town, but you just can't seem to get those leads through the door. 

The issue is that if you really want to grow your business you need to build a team around you. You can't do it alone. There's simply not enough hours in the day, and lets be honest, thats a whole lot of skills you have to learn.

But to hire all those people in one go, especially if you are early on in your business journey, is way too much to take on. It would cost you tens of thousands each month.

But through speaking to businesses owners all over the world, the most common thing I hear is...
"If only I could get more leads and customers then business would be great"
You see everyone knows that marketing is absolutely key to a businesses growth and well.... survival. The problem is they often don't have that skill set. Often they set up a  business in the area that they are trained in, or something they are super passionate about. Which is great! But... if you can't market your products and services...well you won't have a business for long. 

So they know they need more leads and customers, so they do the usual things, like get a website that costs £4k and then no leads appear from it. Or they spend £500 on a designer to put together some amazing looking flyers then spend another £200 having them circulated in the local area, only for... yup you guessed it... nothing to come from it. Or what about the £300/month local magazine, and don't forget the cost of the designer for the advert. That gets...nothing.

Yes I did ALL of those things when I first started in business! And I know most other small businesses have done the same. 
Let's be honest, anything that you spend money on and get nothing back in return is expensive. Agreed?

So when people tell me they can't afford to do marketing, then I know they haven't got the right systems in place.
In The Past, Putting A Marketing Team Together Was Difficult
  •  Website Designer/Programmer
  •  Graphic designer
  •  Copywriter
  •  Social Media Manager
  •  Content Manager
  •  PPC Manager
  •  PR person
  •  Plus bunch more people
This can cost you THOUSANDS of pounds each month....and unfortunately even after you have all the pieces, it still doesn't mean they work together. Each individual piece could be great, but unless its part of a system its irrelevant.

I see business owners go and find these people as and when they need them. But the problem with that is its often a last ditch attempt, its often too late. These people should be on your team all the time, working to drive more customers to your business. Not once every 8 months.

Thats just to get those pieces into to place, then you actually have to pay to get it out there. You pay for the ad in the local magazine, you pay for the flyers to be circulated, perhaps you have dabbled in Facebook Ads too.
Now, Putting Together Your Marketing Team Is MUCH Easier!
We, at The Marketing Funnels Group, are here to be your online marketing team. We are here to take a lot of that pressure off your hands. We want you to focus on the things you are great at. We are the small businesses best friend.

We work with you to build marketing funnels that drive leads to your business.
The average person, small business owner, can SAVE thousands when they work with us.
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Marketing Audit
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Select The Funnel You Like Best
We go and get to planning, picture a big white board, lots of doodles and diagrams. We will give you a couple of different options on the funnels. We will of course tell you which we recommend, but ultimately its your business, and you get to make the call.
We then go away and get to work setting up the funnel. From the adverts, to the landing pages, to the automated emails, even connecting it up to your CRM system. We will show you what we expect of you in terms of content so we can always be filling the top of the funnel.
From here on our job is to make sure your landing pages are converting at the best rate, that you ads are getting great click through rates, and ultimately that you have new leads and customers walking through the door :-) 
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